16 novembre 2011

What you pay is what you get (WYPISYG)

Message originally created the june 19th 2010

Hi folks!
I am feeling better right now. I understood the mistakes I made and I am not sure there was a way to avoid them. I was so enthusiastic that I rushed headlong.  I still am enthusiastic, but I will think twice or more before taking any decision.
I was trying to have everything for “nothing”. I wanted to have some prototypes and patterns for just few bucks. In fact the tailor asked me $45 per pattern + prototype. This is a human way of thinking, I mean, I am not rich and the more I can save, the better. But I’ve understood that I won’t be able to have a good quality of execution without paying for it. I mean quality has price, perfection has a price. Some people would have like the clothes the tailor manufactured. They wouldn’t have seen any problem or anything, because it depends on how high are your requirements. You have the quality you pay for.
I don’t want lesptitsmwana to be a cheap brand or to just be another brand. I dream big when I think about lesptitsmwana, and I want les ptitsmwana to bring quality, safety and authenticity.
So I decided to look for some professional sewers and cutters, some people who really work in the sewing industry,  people who sew everyday garments sold in big store, people who don’t need to prove anything to anybody because they already have a name. These people will make my patterns and prototypes. I think this is the better way to reach quality.
Actually it’s like if I am starting over again, but I am not. I can’t wait to !

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