16 novembre 2011

I failed, did I learn ?

Message originally created the june 12th 2010

It’s been one week since I picked up my junk prototypes. During this week I had time to think about what I will do next. I don’t have any answer right now, but the only thing I know is that I still want to create my clothing line, and even more that before.
I know that failing can be a part of the process and I accept it. Some people say that you don’t need to fail to succeed, and I believe it too. The failure is not a mandatory step.
Maybe if I was less impulsive I would have saved time, money and energy but this impulsiveness is my fuel, so I guess I need it. Did I really learn something ? The true thing I learn is that the tailor I worked with is totally unreliable. And I should have given her just one dress to sew instead of the six ones. That’s it ?
I’ll keep you in touch.

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