16 novembre 2011

Failure number 1…

Message originally created the june 5th 2010

Okay, I went to pick up my clothes today and I am so disappointed because it is totally not exactly what I was expecting. She, the tailor, did a very bad junk job. I can’t believe I gave her 6 samples to do. What was I expecting ? I am a so naïve… I can’t believe it. I should have give her just one sample to see how does she deal with it. Grrr… I am so upset. I was so exciting that I forgot to rationally think . She is about to go on vacation and won’t be back until the next 6 months. So I guess I can say that I am fucked. I don’t even want to put a picture of what she has done.
Rule number 1 : Never blindly trust someone just because someone you know told you you can. I am learning and hopefully I won’t do anymore this kind of expensive choice that lead to nothing.
I need to think about what I will do next but currently I am just upset.

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