16 novembre 2011

En route!

Message originally created the april 12th 2010

Hi there!
Yeah, I’m finally writing my first post on my blog! My name is Nono, and just to make things clear, Nono is my real name! I am 30, french and congolese too. I was born in France and grew up there until 8 and then I lived in Congo until I was 17. Then I came back to France, again. I arrived in San Francisco in December 2006 with my husband, and I am still there.
In the real life, I am a software developer. I’ve been working for the same company since I graduated. My job is not really exciting but I make a living with it. I have two kids, an almost 2 years old boy and I just had a baby girl who is 3 weeks old, now (yes, almost brand new). And guess what, I think I am pregnant, again ! But this time I am not expecting a baby but a company, Les P’tits Mwana.
This idea came to me during my second pregnancy. I was buying clothes for my little girl and I realized that I couldn’t find any clothes made with African fabric for her. I am talking here about wax fabrics, in french we call them “pagne”. So I decided to create a clothing line for little kids made with wax fabrics, and I decided to call it Les P’tits Mwana.
Les P’tits Mwana litterally means  little kids. “Les P’tits” comes from french and means “little” and  “Mwana” comes from Kongo, a language spoken in many countries of Africa, Congo included. I wanted a name which would mix my two origins, french and congolese, because this is who I am. And then Les P’tits Mwana was born,… not born but conceived.
I want Les P’tits Mwana to be a mix of modern and ethnic. The modern side will be brought by the differents styles of clothes and the ethnic side will come from the fabrics.
I am not a stylist or a modelist, I have never worked in  the fashion business or anything like this but I have this deep feeling that the wax fabric could play a bigger role in the fashion industry.
I am creating Les P’tits Mwana because I love everything about clothes, and since I had my two babies I love everything about clothes for babies and little kids. I am very excited about this venture. And I want to share it with you.

Oups, I almost forgot to tell you what is the pronunciation for Les P’tits Mwana : /le pti  mʊænæ:/

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